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At the Center for Responsible AI, startups, research centers and industry leaders unite in their commitment to develop fair, explainable, privacy-preserving and sustainable AI products and technologies. If you want to work on life changing projects, here is how you can get involved:

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PhDs in the Industry

Collaborate with industry experts in the development of Responsible AI solutions, gaining practical experience that connects academic research to real-world applications.


Develop an AI career collaborating with AI startups and advanced research centers.


Summer Internships

Summer ’24

Gain experience by participating in real world projects that are habing an impact today. Learn from the teams that are building the next generation of Responsible AI products.

Apply now to the ’24 Summer openings.

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In case any of the available career and internship opportunities don't suit you, feel free to reach out to us, tell us about yourself and your interests, and we'll check internally if something becomes available.