What’s the opportunity about?

Transcreation involves adapting content from one language to another while also accounting for cultural and linguistic differences that may affect the message being conveyed. We are looking for a Linguist to help us explore Cultural Transcreation in multiple languages and use cases, namely Customer Support, Marketing, and website translations.


  • Executes linguistic analysis tasks following the existing Unbabel standards and practices with the guidance from more experienced Linguistic Services researchers:
  • Performs quality processes for the transcreation module (testing and evaluation)
  • Performs MT and QE benchmarkings
  • Performs prompt engineering to apply cultural transcreation to different languages and use cases, namely Customer Support, Marketing, Website translations.
  • Participates in research activities and productization projects under direct supervision.


  • Relevant BSc degree or an in-progress MA in the areas of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics and/or Translation Studies. 
  • Interest in Translation Quality evaluation methodologies (metrics and quality standards)
  • Basic knowledge of linguistic annotation methodologies
  • High verbal and written communication in English (C1-2 CEFR Level)
  • High proficiency (C1 CEFR Level) in another language other than English and the native language
  • Strong communication skills
  • An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities